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August 27, 2016: RWA National Conference recap and prizes!

Maybe you weren’t able to make it to the RWA National Conference in San Diego this year. Or maybe you went but left your cloning machine behind and couldn’t attend all of the amazing sessions. While nabbing the recorded sessions is a great substitute, we’ve got more than a dozen chapter members who made the trip and want to share some of the highlights of their experience and the sessions they attended.

From the impressions of a group of first-timers to the musings of a few conference veterans, we’ll talk about everything from the fabulous authors we met, to the bounty of workshops offered, and through to the many lines and crowds we had to navigate to get to that coveted signing or talk. We’ll cover thoughts on the endless bounty of the author goody room: what caught our eye and whether there is such a thing as too many pens. Attendees from a wide range of sessions will share our big takeaways: A Myers Briggs-type test for writers; Series Branding & Facebook Advertising; Deep POV; Amazon Worlds; Rocking Reader Retention Rates; Michael Hague’s sessions; the Secret Ingredient in a Page Turner and more.

In addition to sharing what we learned, we will also be sharing the goodies we got in SRW’s annual Raffle Event this meeting. Free books, signed books, e-book cards, pens, buttons, and much more. The SRW attendees of RWA 2016 want to reveal everything that made this conference exciting, educational, and rewarding. Join us for a recounting of our excellent adventures in San Diego.

Meeting fee of $25 members, $30 guests and walk-ins includes lunch.