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February 24, 2018: Astrologer Dawn Falbe

Morning Session: The Itty Bitty Sh***y Committee – the head we get stuck in and how to get out

In February, we’re setting aside time to do a little writer care with  astrologer Dawn Falbe, who will talk about: Intuition, The Itty Bitty Shitty Committee and the Astrological Energies of now!

In this Presentation you will learn:

  • Where your intuition lies in your body
  • The difference between your intuition and your head
  • What the IBS Committee sounds like
  • Tools and Resources to combat the voices of the IBS Committee
  • Information about what’s going on astrologically that can help or hinder your professional and personal lives.


About Dawn Falbe

Astrologer Dawn

Astrologer Dawn, born in England and now living in the USA was fortunate to grow up in a family who understood the metaphysical world. From a young age, Dawn was exposed to a wide variety of experiences and lifestyles that allowed her to observe people and tap into her natural intuition.

Dawn studied Astrology with Julian Lee, Eugene Moore and many others. She was trained in Natal and Relocation Astrology, Advanced Tarot as well as an understanding of the basics of the Venus Sequence, Human Design and Numerology. Dawn is a past President of the American Tarot Association.

Astrologer Dawn believes that when you follow who you are at your core, which can be seen in your Astrological and Human Design Charts, you can customize a life experience that works for you!

Discover more at AstrologerDawn.com.

Afternoon session: The Joy of Critique

During our afternoon session, SRW president Alica McKenna Johnson will talk about the joys, benefits (and challenges) of working with a critique group.

About Alica McKenna Johnson

Alica McKenna Johnson, AuthorAlica McKenna Johnson lives in Southern Arizona with her kids, her cats, and the many voices in her head yammering for their stories to be told. Fueled by her love of people, travel, and cultures Alica writes emotionally rich stories. Snark, humor, and magic are woven through her books.

When not writing Alica supports other people’s writing dreams. Through individual and group coaching programs she gives back the support, skills, techniques, and passion that other writers gave, and continue to give, to her.

Discover more at AlicaMcKennaJohnson.com.

Meeting Information

Meeting fee $25 members $30 guests and walk-ins.  Program runs 10am – 2pm (Doors open 9:15) and includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on  our payments page or by contacting reservations@tucsonRWA.org no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting.

February Online Class: Secrets to Writing Sequels

While you’re registering this month, don’t forget to sign up for SRW’s February online class: Marie Force presents: Secrets to Writing Sequels. This one-week class runs February 19-23, 2018 and will be conducted via Facebook group.  Cost is $20 for SRW members, $25.00 nonmembers.