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September 22, 2018 Special Event: Deb Dixon – Goal Motivation and Conflict

Goal, Motivation, Conflict and The Hero’s Journey 

This special event is open to the general public.

September’s intensive workshop  covers the three most important elements of popular fiction: goal, motivation and conflict (GMC), and how these elements work with the mythic structure of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to help writers conceive and create strong plots and compelling characters.

If you’ve ever struggled writing  a book, this event is a must.

The Book-In-A-Day workshop provides the tools every writer needs to shape a story and create a road map to writing it.

About Deb Dixon

GMC: Goal, Motivation, and ConflictDebra Dixon is the President and Publisher of BelleBooks and its imprints—Bell Bridge Books and ImaJinn Books, which tackle a broad spectrum of genres. Their titles have been picked up in translation and by major publishers in subrights deals for mass market paperback, book club, audio and large print.

Early in her career, Debra Dixon published with major publishers, wrote ten books, contributed to twelve anthologies, and served as Vice President of RWA.  Her popular GMC:Goal, Motivation, and Conflict workshop spawned a book that has become a how-to bible for writers.

Click here and register early! The entrance fee is tiered.

Before August 1:

  • Tucson RWA members: $75
  • All other RWA members: $100
  • General admission: $125

August 1-31:

  • Tucson RWA members: $95
  • All other RWA members: $120
  • General admission: $145

September 1 to the day of the event:

  • Same price for everyone: $150

Refunds requested before September 1, 2018 are subject to processing fees. Sorry, no refunds after September 1.  For more information, contact reservations@tucsonrwa.org.

Register here


October 2018 Online Class: Alicia Rasley – Dialogue Dynamics

An Intense Two-Week Class on Dialogue Dynamics

Dynamic dialogue can sell a book that might otherwise be ignored. That’s because dialogue reaches right out to the human in us all, the one that wants contact and conversation, and if you do that well, the reader will overlook a host of other faults. So in this interactive workshop, we’ll explore practical techniques to make sure your dialogue forcefully conveys the individual voices of your characters, and purposefully pushes your plot.

We’ll discuss:

  • Dialogue as characterization
  • Dialogue as plot-action interaction
  • Listen up now (The Sound of Your Dialogue)
  • Make it move, set it up

Dialogue isn’t just speech. It’s conversation– action and interaction, cause and effect, stimulus and response. In this class, you’ll learn how to turbocharge those exchanges between characters with background action, introspection, judicious pauses, quote tags, and of course, vivid and individual speech.

Make your dialogue dynamic. Make it move. Make it meaningful. Make it matter.

NOTE: This is an intensive class, with a lot of material and optional assignments–great for beginners and experienced students alike, but not for writers who want quick and easy solutions.  You can interact as little or as much as you like, but for those who participate, Alicia will review each assignment and provide feedback. Fun, fast, and fruitful feedback. :)

Instructor Bio

Alicia Rasley is the author of The Power of Point of View and The Story Within Plotbook. Her novel, The Year She Fell, was released from Belle Books and became a Kindle bestseller. She earned her MA in English Literature from Butler University, with the thesis The Family Vault: Women Buried Alive in Poe’s Short Fiction.

Some other accomplishments:

  • RITA-award-winning and best-selling author
  • Writing instructor, University of Maryland
  • Former Popular Fiction visiting faculty, MFA Program
  • Writing advisor, University of Maryland.
  • Nationally known writing workshop leader
  • Experienced content and acquisition editor
  • Editing blogger: www.edittorrent.blogspot.com
  • Craft of writing author: www.aliciarasley.com
  • Writing blogger: www.plotblueprint.com


How to Register:

Two-week class will be held in October, 2018 (dates TBD)  and will be conducted via Yahoo group. Register by paying the course fee ($30 SRW members, $40 nonmembers) on our Payments page.  No Refunds, except in the case class is cancelled.

Shortly before the class begins, the moderator will send you an invitation to join the group. The invitation will be sent to the email shown on your PayPal payment, so if you wish to use a different email address or have questions, please contact classes@tucsonrwa.org.

Registration requires 48 hours to process. It is your responsibility to mark your calendars and iron out any difficulties joining the Yahoo group by contacting  classes@tucsonrwa.org  before class begins.