November 1, 2014 – Special Event with Laurie Schnebly Campbell

How to Create Compelling Characters

Laurie Schnebly Campbell loves speaking to writers about issues that draw on her background as a therapist and in advertising. Having published half a dozen award-winning novels plus non-fiction, she teaches classes on creating plots & characters, and marketing books.

On November 1, Laurie will present a special workshop open to both RWA members and anyone else who wants to improve their understanding of characterization.

How to Create Compelling Characters Will Cover

  • Shaping a character’s journey
  • Choosing their psychological type
  • Making conflict come naturally
  • Blending plausible personalities
  • Finding (and fixing) the fatal flaw

Along with the presentation there will be some hands-on exercises as well as extensive handouts, and — for every 25 people who attend — a door-prize gift of free registration to one of Laurie’s online classes.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, November 1, 2014
  • Place: Viscount Hotel: 4855 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ
  • Time: 9am to 3pm. Includes lunch
  • Price: $45 – RWA members (any chapter), $55 nonmembers. (includes a deli lunch buffet with salad, cookies, coffee, and tea)

Register early! Space is limited and we expect this event to fill up.

About Laurie

Laurie Schnebly Campbell photo
Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Laurie Schnebly Campbell loves giving workshops for writer groups about “Psychology for Creating Characters,” “Making Rejection WORK For You,” “Building A Happy Relationship For Your Characters (And Yourself)” and other issues that draw on her background as a counseling therapist and romance writer.

In fact, she chose her website ( so people would find it easy to Book Laurie for programs.

But giving workshops — for students from London and Los Angeles to New Zealand and New York — is just one of her interests. During weekdays, she writes and produces videos, brochures and commercials (some of which feature her voice) for a Phoenix advertising agency. For several years she would turn off her computer every day at five o’clock, wait thirty seconds, turn it on again and start writing romance.

It finally paid off. Her first novel was nominated by Romantic Times as the year’s “Best First Series Romance,” and her second beat out Nora Roberts for “Best Special Edition of the Year.” But between those two successes came a three-year dry spell, during which Laurie discovered that selling a first book doesn’t guarantee ongoing success.

“What got me through that period,” she says, “was realizing that the real fun of writing a romance is the actual writing. Selling is wonderful, sure, but nothing compares to the absolute, primal joy of sitting at the computer and making a scene unfold and thinking ‘Wow! Yes! This is great!'”

After six books for Special Edition, she turned her attention to writing non-fiction — using her research into the nine personality types to help writers create plausible, likable people with realistic flaws. Her other favorite activities include playing with her husband and son, recording for the blind, counseling at a mental health center, traveling to Sedona (the Arizona red-rock town named for her great-grandmother, Sedona Schnebly) and working with other writers.

“People ask how I find time to do all that,” Laurie says, “and I tell them it’s easy. I never clean my house!”