March 22, 2014: Kara Lennox

Doubletree Hilton Reid Park
445 S. Alvernon Way 

520 881-4200 

(between Broadway and 22nd, across from Reid Park)

10:00 am – 2:00 pm (doors open 9:00 am)

In March, Saguaro Romance Writers welcomes bestselling Kara Lennox, who is working on her 66th romance novel, has been published by Silhouette and Bantam Books as Karen Leabo, and currently writes for the Harlequin American Romance, Silhouette Desire and Signature Select lines as Kara Lennox.

Prior to writing romance, Kara was a freelance writer with hundreds of magazine articles published, as well as brochures, press releases, advertisements and business plans. She has also earned a paycheck at various times as a magazine art director, a typesetter, an exercise instructor, a sales clerk for a boutique that was a front for laundering Mafia money (she found out later), a telephone survey-taker, and a blackjack dealer. But she’s happiest now, living her dream as an author.

Kara’s books are often cited for their groundbreaking, quirky or otherwise unusual subject matter. She has written about ostrich ranching, Mayan archeology, brain tumors, child abandonment, jewel theft, witchcraft and storm chasing–in addition to a full complement of cowboys, brides and babies.

Morning Session – Romance Novel Gestalt

The most satisfying novels are the ones written so tightly that every word, every description, every piece of dialogue is there for a specific reason, everything working in harmony. There are no loose plot threads, no extraneous scenes or pointless characters, no filler dialogue. But how do you achieve that seamless texture? We read books and attend workshops on plot, theme, voice, characters, setting, research etc., but how do you put it all together? This workshop will help you smooth over the rough spots and hide your craftsmanship so your reader gets pleasantly lost in the story rather than stumbling over the building blocks.

Afternoon session – Yes, You Can Quit Your Day Job

Do you dream of working at home every day, sitting at your computer in your sweats communing with your muse? It’s not an impossible dream no matter what your situation. With some careful planning and a lot of self-discipline, you, too, can look forward to Monday morning as a stay-at-home writer. In this workshop, we’ll discuss making the transition to self-employment while meeting financial and familial obligations, from both a published and unpublished perspective. We’ll talk about finances, time management, and how to compromise with dignity. Be prepared to think outside the box!

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