January 25, 2014: Connie Flynn

Please note our new meeting venue:

Doubletree Hilton Reid Park
445 S. Alvernon Way
520 881-4200

10:00 am – 2:00 pm (doors open 9:00 am)

Morning session: “The Heart of a Page Turner: Chapters, Scenes, Movements & Beats

Have you read books that keep you up way late at night even though you have to rise early the next day? Ever wonder what the author’s secret was?

Chances are it is the author’s skillful use of beats, which are small units that pose and answer questions. Beats connect every action in the story to the one before and the one following. Beats in turn become movements that become scenes that become chapters. When these units or prose are started and stopped at their most effective spots, you create a gripping page turner no matter the type of story.

Connie Flynn will cover the purpose of each story of these unit, but will mostly concentrate on the elegance of the tiny beat that forms them all. If time permits, this session will include a hands-on exercise.

Afternoon session: “Tweeting Your Way to Success”

Twitter is not social media, at least not in a social way. It’s more like the classified, with short blurbs about products and services that are designed to catch attention and build name recognition.

To achieve this design it’s important to understand the way Twitter works and to write tweets that will most effectively grab attention in this sea of information floating in cyberspace.

Connie Flynn will cover the basics of how Twitter works and then go into how to build tweets that will catch enough attention that readers remember them. This program includes some hands-on time in which members will compose their own tweets.

Walk-ins welcome. However, a reservation specifying your luncheon choice must be received no later than 8.00 a.m. the Wednesday before the meeting if you want anything other than the soup and salad bar.

PLEASE SPECIFY one of the following lunch selections (and any special requirements, like “gluten free”) with your ADVANCE reservation

January 25th Lunch Selection:

  • Bacon Cheese Burger
  • Bacon Cheese Turkey Burger
  • Italian grinder
  • Soup and Salad bar

Anyone who hasn’t specified a lunch choice by the reservation deadline will receive the soup and salad bar. More details about the menu are available on our payments page.