Friday Friends: Alica Mckenna Johnson A Must See For Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Authors

Troll Hunter, Tucson Writers Groups, Tucson RWA

One of the biggest issues authors of urban fantasy and paranormal books have is making it believable. Sure the reader wants to believe in shifters, vampires, ghosts and magical powers, but you the author still have to make it believable. You have to create the rules and maintain consistency within your work. It’s little things that make it work: the ease with which truths are revealed, small steps or precautions that are taken, and making that blend with the world we live in.
One of the best examples I have seen of this is in the movie Troll Hunter. It’s a Norwegian film done in documentary style, so it starts off kind of slow, but this is where the world building begins. A man who claims to be a troll hunter for the government is being interviewed by a college film student. Slowly this world that no one knows about opens up.
By the end of the movie I was convinced there were trolls in Norway, which is why I believe all urban fantasy and paranormal authors should watch it.
Do you have a movie that blew you away with how real the paranormal elements were?


Alica McKenna Johnson dreams of living on a clothing-optional beach where lovely men of many ethnic backgrounds bring her drinks and rub her feet, while wearing a variety of kilts and skirts (optional, of course). When on the verge of a nervous breakdown she plots her escape from exercise, gathers her sweats, and fills out applications to become the creepy night lady at the Circle K.

Alica lives in Tucson, Arizona with her very understanding husband, two to eleven children, depending on the time of day, and her daughter’s minions–aka the fish. Instead of collecting stamps–BORING–Alica collects sexy men in kilts. Hey, her husband is VERY understanding. At least Alica no longer collects them in the basement.

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