Friday Friends 50 Shades of Green by Mary Tate Engels


50 Shades of Green

Nothing says green like March! By now, we are so ready for some green! Green is Nature’s way of generating something new. It is fresh and clean, a doorway for artistry and innovation. Green is creativity.

So get your Green on for Wild Creativity this month!

Some Entertaining Stories: What if… this happened? Therefore… that happened! But … this got in the way and … a story ensued!

Some Exciting Fantasy: Just finished my first ghost story! I’m over the moon! What next?

Someplace different: maybe Ireland with its 50 shades of Green! Or Italy with its miles of seacoast and fantastic food!

Have some fun: Golf and March Madness college basketball!

Get some crazy-love: grand kids, children, friends and lovers!

Something Bookish: TFOB – Tucson Festival of Books – come on over for some fun with dozens of authors and thousands of book lovers.
This is my list – you make your own. Pull out your green pens, set up green décor (candles and such), and wrap up in a green scarf to remind yourself to be wildly creative. Be off and running into a green field! Bring a little (or a lot) of Green into your life! You’ll be happier for it!



Mary Tate Engels is the author of more than 33 books. For more see her website .