February 22, 2014: Erin Quinn

Doubletree Hilton Reid Park
445 S. Alvernon Way 

520 881-4200 

(between Broadway and 22nd, across from Reid Park)

10:00 am – 2:00 pm (doors open 9:00 am)

Morning session: Writing with Emotion

Writing with emotion is one of the most important skills a writer can learn. Emotional prose drives a novel and turns a description into an experience. It’s the difference between a good book and one that captivates and immerses the reader. It’s also one of the most difficult concepts for most writers to grasp. In this workshop, Erin Quinn will teach how to infuse emotion in your narrative and prose.

Afternoon session: Practice What you Pitch

Have you ever wanted to ask an editor, agent, or reviewer to take a look at your work? Did you wonder how to get the message across quickly, cleanly, leaving your audience eager for more? Whether your goal is indie or traditional publishing, pitching is a necessary part of getting work in front of readers. Join us for a lively February afternoon session where Saguaro Romance Writers will be invited to practice pitching in front of our safe and supportive group.

Please contact Amanda Gordon programs@tucsonrwa.org for information about being one of our practice pitchers.

SPACE MAY BE LIMITED. Advanced reservation and payment are highly recommended.

SPECIFY one of the following lunch selections (and any special requirements, like “gluten free”) with your ADVANCE reservation.

February Lunch Selection:

  • Bacon Cheese Burger
  • Turkey Burger
  • Orange Poppyseed Salad with blue cheese and optional chicken
  • DEFAULT: Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegetarian dish tbd

Anyone who hasn’t specified a lunch choice by the reservation deadline will enjoy the DEFAULT dish. More details about the menu are available on our payments page.