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March 25, 2006 Emma Gabriel on Dwight Swain

Our morning speaker, Emma Gabriel, will share with us lessons learned from Dwight Swain’s Lessons of a Best Selling Author.  Her topic will be about creating motivation-reaction units.  Sounds dull, but she promises lots of good stuff is encompassed in that boring little phrase!

Emma still remembers when her third-grade teacher told her class to write about their summer vacation.  She raised her hand and asked, “Does it have to be true?”  Since then, she grew up, graduated from Dartmouth College, got her J.D. at Duke University, and practiced law for seven years.  Now she’s back to her true love: writing stories.

In the afternoon, multi-published Superromance author Laura Abbot will speak to us.  Laura retired from teaching to try her hand at writing romances. Now with ten Superromances to her credit and more projects in the works, Laura takes satisfaction from the accomplishment of that goal. She lives with her husband in a home they built overlooking a beautiful lake in the Ozark Mountains.


February 25, 2006: Vicki Lewis Thompson and Caroline Mickelson

Our meeting this month is one you won’t want to miss! Caroline Mickelson will speak to us in the morning on Debra Dixon’s book Goal, Motivation and Conflict. Caroline has her BA in Journalism/Public Relations from Arizona State and a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language, which she earned from Stirling University in Scotland. She’s had a dozen non-fiction magazine articles/newspaper features published. Caroline is a romantic at heart—she believes in love at first sight and magic when we write.

In the afternoon, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Vicki Lewis Thompson will talk about “What a Difference a Brand Makes.” Ever since she learned about the birds and the bees, Vicki has considered the subject hilarious. She’s promoted that world view through nearly eighty books for various publishers, most recently and successfully with her Nerd series from St. Martin’s Press. Vicki’s newest release, Talk Nerdy to Me, will be out this month. Prior to finding her bliss as a romance writer, Vicki blew through several jobs that ranged from teaching and reporting to raspberry picking and swimming pool maintenance. None of them proved half as interesting as making up funny, sexy stories. She lives here in Tucson where she has a pool, but she no longer cleans it herself.


January 28, 2006: Libby Hall and Brenda Joyce

Libby Hall, former RWA National president, vice-president and PAN liaison, who writes as USA Today best-selling author Laurie Paige, will speak to us in the morning on how to use one-liners for pacing and focus.

Brenda Joyce, Tucson’s answer to Nora Roberts, will be speaking with us in the afternoon. Her first book was published in 1988. With the release of her latest book, The Masquerade, Brenda has nearly forty books to her credit.