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March 23, 2019: Harlequin Editor Dana Grimaldi

Ever wanted to hear from an experienced editor? Wanted to find out what they look for in a submission? What makes a compelling story that gets an editor’s attention, or what makes them say ‘this story doesn’t work for us’? Come and meet Harlequin editor Dana Grimaldi to learn a few answers to these questions. She will be speaking at both our morning and afternoon sessions, and will is willing to listen to your story idea afterwards.

About our Speaker

Dana GrimaldiDana Grimaldi is an associate editor for Harlequin Dare and Harlequin Heartwarming. She also manages the Worldwide Mystery and Suspense program. Dana loves photography and can often be found outdoors, taking pictures of local wildlife. Her bookshelves have a special place for the works of Isaac Asimov, Margaret Laurence and Nnedi Okorafor, not to mention the largest collection of CDs since the invention of the mp3. When she’s reading submissions, Dana is on the lookout for sexy contemporary romance as well as wholesome contemporary romances that celebrate strong communities, family connections and true love.

Follow Dana on Twitter @DanaGrimaldi.

Meeting Information

Meeting fee of $30 for SRW members $35 guests and walk-ins includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Doors open 9:15. Program runs 10am – 2pm.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on our payments page or by contacting no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting. Walk-ins accepted on a space available basis only.

Chapter Dues are Now Live!

We’ve all been waiting anxiously to pay our 2019 dues via the new RWA nationals web portal, and it’s finally live! If you haven’t received an email from RWA prompting you to pay SRW dues, please contact as soon as possible.

Please pay dues by March 31, 2019 in order to maintain your chapter membership.

February 23, 2019: Six Stages of Love

The 6 Stages of Love and How to Write Them into your Manuscript
Presented by Anabelle Bryant

The French call it frisson (free-sawn), that sudden rush of excitement when an attraction begins. It’s intense, uncontrollable—a rare, exhilarating feeling that has inspired countless love songs, poems and romance novels. A feeling that hopefully leads us to love.

Love, in its many forms, is the lifeblood of what we do. As romance authors we recognize that no matter the genre, love composes the complicated journey which brings our characters to their happily ever after and every precious stage should be written into your manuscript. While the order and intensity of each stage may vary, no romance is complete without some representation of the six stages of love.

 About Anabelle

USA Today Bestselling author, Anabelle Bryant began reading at age three and never stopped.  Her passion for reading soon turned into a passion for writing and an author was born.  Happy to grab a suitcase if it ensures a new adventure, Anabelle finds endless inspiration in travel, especially imaginary jaunts into Regency England, a far cry from her home in New Jersey.  Instead, her clever characters live out her daydreams because really, who wouldn’t want to dance with a handsome duke or kiss a wicked earl?

Learn more at

Meeting Information

Meeting fee $30 members $35 guests and walk-ins.  Program runs 10am – 2pm (doors open 9:15) and includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on  our payments page or by contacting no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting. Walk-ins accepted on a space available basis only.

Chapter renewals are (still)  moving to

SRW is still waiting for RWA national to get our chapter dues renewal process up and running. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready, and you’ll have 30 days minimum to log in and pay. Thanks to everyone for their patience!

January 26, 2019: Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Writer

Start the new year off right. For this very special meeting, we will be presenting strategies to make your writing life both more productive and more satisfying.  There will a mini session on meditation to refill the creative well, a personal trainer to teach some ergonomic techniques and the importance of staying fit to stay creative, a virtual assistant to help us make the most of our time, and  someone with personal experience with Dragon Talk to Text software and researching techniques on OneNote.

Make your reservation today!

Remember – Chapter renewals are moving to

It’s not ready, yet, but starting soon chapter dues will be paid through RWA org and will renew on the individual’s chapter anniversary rather than on the calendar year.
This functionality will be up and running, soon. In the meantime, your 2018 dues are good through the end of January 2019, so…BONUS!
Meeting Information

Meeting fee $30 members $35 guests and walk-ins.  Program runs 10am – 2pm (Doors open 9:15) and includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on  our payments page or by contacting no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting. Walk-ins accepted on a space available basis only.

Upcoming Meeting February 23 2019: The Six Stages of Love

Check back soon for more information.

Dec 1 Annual Raffle & Holiday Party Free to Members

The board of directors has voted to once again make this year’s holiday party free to members. Guests are welcome at the reduced price of $30 (payable on our payments page.). The Viscount has promised us extra goodies in exchange for moving our date to December 1.

In addition to chapter awards, we will hold our annual BIG raffle at the party.  This is when we pull out the stops and donate our fanciest baskets and other items. People pick individual prizes to “bet” their tickets on, and you take home every single item you win!

To make sure there’s enough room for everyone, it is essential to  reserve no later than Wednesday, November 27th.

November 17, 2018: Literary Agent Kristin Nelson & Chapter Elections

Literary Agent Kristen Nelson

This month SRW is excited to welcome back well-known literary agent Kristen Nelson.

Morning Session:  News from RWA Denver 2018
Kristin will cover what is happening with romance publishers, trends, etc. She’ll be talking about the state of romance, what’s new, what’s hot, etc.
Afternoon Session: Cold Reads:
Kristin will read out loud and comment on the first two pages of selected chapter members’ current Work in Progress. If you would like to submit pages, contact as soon as possible!

About Kristin Nelson.

My goal as an agent is simple: I want every client of mine to make a living solely from writing and 90% of my authors do without help from any other source of income. I established Nelson Literary Agency, LLC, in 2002 and over the last decade+ of my career, I’ve represented over forty New York Times bestselling titles and many USA Today bestsellers. Although I’m a very nice Midwesterner, I’ve heard through the grapevine that editors call me “a hard-working bulldog agent that will fight for you.” What a compliment!

When not busy selling books, I’m quite sporty. I attempt to play tennis and golf. I also love playing Bridge (where I’m the youngest person in the club). On weekends my husband Brian and I can be found in the mountains hiking with our 14-year old rat terrier, Chutney.

My client list is eclectic as I’m looking for a good story well told. How you tell that story doesn’t need to fit in a neat little category.

2019 SRW Board of Directors Elections

We will be electing next year’s officers during our November business meeting. Currently positions are uncontested, but if you’d like to submit your name for office, contact

Meeting Information

Meeting fee $30 members $35 guests and walk-ins.  Program runs 10am – 2pm (Doors open 9:15) and includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on  our payments page or by contacting no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting. Walk-ins accepted on a space available basis only.

Board of Directors Election

November 17, 2018 is the revised election date our 2019 board of directors.

The 2019 Candidates for SRW office are:

  • President: Amanda Gordon
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Jenshak
  • VP Programs: Patricia Knoll
  • VP Membership: Linda Jesionka
  • Communications: Paula Stuht
  • Secretary: Vicky Loebel

A big thank-you to these members for volunteering to serve.

It’s still possible to run for office! Candidates are accepted on a write-in basis, so if you want more information about a position or are interested in running,  contact

October 27, 2018: Cathy McDavid & Pamela Tracy – NaNoWriMo Launchpad

2018 AGM and Chapter Elections

October 27, 2018 will be our annual general meeting, and we will be holding in-person elections for the 2019 Board of Directors.

Please contact for more information.

Cathy McDavid: Gearing Up for NaNoWriMo – Essentials for Writers Who Hate (or Love) to Plot.

The idea of writing fifty-thousand words in a month can be daunting for most of us, especially if you’re not a plotter by nature. But NaNoWriMo doesn’t have to be scary. Would you leave on a trip without packing clothes, putting your mail on hold, and arranging for a pet sitter? No, so don’t start your NaNoWriMo adventure without some sensible advance preparations. Oh, and for you pantsers, be just a little open to “some” plotting. Be sure and bring your ideas and techniques. This is a sharing workshop!

Learn more about NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Cathy McDavid at

Pamela Tracy: The Price is Write!

Wanda Writer, come on down!  You’re the next contestant on The Price is Write.  Who is Wanda Writer?  Is she a brand new prepublished author, a newly published author, a midlist author, or a New York Times bestselling author?  What is she doing doing to battle writers’ block (which you can suffer from during NaNoWriMo), organizational skills (which you greatly need during NanoWriMo), as well as “Do I edit yesteday’s work or forge ahead” (you don’t get to waffle during NanoWriMo.  There are so many choices on The Price is Write.  Which choices will you make?

Learn more about USA Today bestselling author Pamela Tracy at

What is NaNoWriMo?

“One part writing boot camp, one part rollicking party,” National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is an annual, Internet-based creative writing project that takes place every  November and will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018,

Participants in NaNoWriMo sign up to write a 50,000 word manuscript (completely private to them)  and have access to a variety of tracking and encouragement resources on the official website. It’s a great way to turn off your inner critic and write that first draft as fast as you can!

Meeting Information
Meeting fee $30 members $35 guests and walk-ins.  Program runs 10am – 2pm (Doors open 9:15) and includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on  our payments page or by contacting no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting. Walk-ins accepted on a space available basis.

Check out these SRW online classes:

Classes are conducted via Yahoo Group, which lets you read the and participate at your convenience (and even start late).

September 29:  Alicia Rasley – Dialogue Dynamics Intensive

October 1:  Angela Knight – Braiding Conflicts to Build the Perfect Climax

Holiday Party Date Changed to Dec 1, 2018

The date of our Holiday Party and Big Raffle has changed to December 1, 2018

Because of a scheduling conflict on the part of the Viscount we have been asked to change our holiday party and big raffle to Dec 1st. We have been promised a glass of wine for everyone and an upgraded holiday buffet. Plus Alica has been told that we will be in the big front room with the windows.  Please make a note of the date change!

Don’t forget our Annual Raffle!

As part of the holiday party, we’ll be holding our special Annual Raffle – the time when we ask members who are able to bring in something extra special to donate to our chapter fundraiser. In the past we’ve had Computers, Gift Certificates, Weekends on Mt. Lemmon,  Manuscript Critiques, and Luxurious Gift Baskets Galore, so stuff your pockets with dollar bills and be prepared to take home piles of loot!
We’ll also be awarding our annual chapter service thank-yous, including the coveted Barbara Award.

So make a reservation, load a gift basket, and get ready to have fun!

Party Information

Meeting fee $30 members $35 guests.  Party runs 10am – 2pm (Doors open 9:15) and includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on  our payments page or by contacting no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting.

Online Class: Angela Knight – Braiding Conflicts to Build the Perfect Climax (Oct 1-26)

Cost $30 for SRW members, $40 nonmembers.

The basic building blocks of romance fiction are conflicts: internal, external, and romantic. Strong conflicts drive readers to keep reading in order to discover who wins.

No matter how beautiful the writing is, if the conflict isn’t strong enough, the reader will get bored and go read something else. Great conflicts, on the other hand, can turn a book into a bestseller and an author into an autobuy.

New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight explains how she designs conflicts for maximum punch, then uses them to construct a climax that is both unpredictable and powerful. She provides students with worksheets they can use to design their own conflicts, then determine how to resolve them in an emotionally satisfying way.

Lessons in this month-long online class will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They include:

  • Introduction: The importance of Conflict
  • What is Conflict?
  • The Three forms of Conflict in Romance
  • Conflict as the Building Blocks of Character
  • Internal Conflict as the Key to Three-Dimensional Characters
  • Romantic Conflict as the Spine of the Romance
  • External Conflict as the Bones of the Plot
  • Using Each type of Conflict to Complicate the Others
  • Building the Plot from Conflict Events
  • Writing powerful Turning Points for Conflicts
  • Writing Conflict Resolutions
  • Using the Resolutions of the Internal and Romantic Conflicts in the External Climax.
  • Conclusion

Angela Knight PicAbout the Instructor

Angela Knight is the New York Times bestselling author of books for Berkley, Red Sage, and Changeling Press. Her first book was written in pencil and illustrated in crayon; she was nine years old at the time. A few years later, she read The Wolf and the Dove and fell in love with romance. Besides her fiction work, Angela’s publishing career includes a stint as a comic book writer and ten years as a newspaper reporter. Several of her stories won South Carolina Press Association awards under her real name.

In 1996, she discovered the small press publisher Red Sage, and realized her dream of romance publication in the company’s Secrets 2 anthology. She went on to publish several more novellas in Secrets before editor Cindy Hwang discovered her work there and asked her if she’d be interested in writing for Berkley. Not being an idiot, Angela said yes.

Angela lives in South Carolina with her husband, Michael, a polygraph examiner and hostage negotiator for the county’s Sheriff’s Office. The couple have a grown son, Anthony.

How to Register:

Class runs October 1-26 and is conducted via Yahoo group. Register by paying the course fee ($30 SRW members, $40 nonmembers) on our Payments page.  No Refunds, except in the case class is cancelled.

Shortly before the class begins, the moderator will send you an invitation to join the group. The invitation will be sent to the email shown on your PayPal payment, so if you wish to use a different email address or have questions, please contact

Registration requires 48 hours to process. It is your responsibility to mark your calendars and iron out any difficulties joining the Yahoo group. No refunds, except in the case of class cancellation
Do You Have an Online Class you’d like to offer through SRW? We’re always looking for the best educational opportunities to offer our members. Contact