Oct 26, 2019 Melinda Rucker Haynes – Story Compass

Find Direction and Get Your Story on Track with STORY COMPASS©

STORY COMPASS© is a creative development process and tool Melinda developed and uses on every book she writes. She has given SC trainings and workshops online, to RWA chapters (first was to Romance Writers of New Zealand), Arizona State Library Assn., Novelists, Inc., writers organizations, community colleges and many other venues.

For our morning workshop, Melinda will supply practice STORY COMPASS© for our members play with and come up with some great story ideas. Everyone from beginning writers to NYTimes/USA Today best-selling authors love to use STORY COMPASS© to stimulate creativity and explore uncommon, unpredictable combinations of fiction elements than can be used to create distinctive and interesting stories. Using STORY COMPASS©, a writer can work with any or all of the elements of fiction–plot, character, setting, and theme to find direction and get their story on track.

Afternoon Session: Personal Time Travel -Find Your Story in the Past

For most readers and writers time travel is entertaining conjecture. Some, such as best- selling author Taylor Caldwell, have actually experienced the past through regression hypnosis and used the information gained in her best-selling novels.

Millions of people have discovered that it is not necessary to accept the theory or philosophy of reincarnation to experience a “past life” during safe, relaxing and always interesting regression hypnosis.  Often the trance time travel experience is so vivid and the information so detailed that many have been able to verify dates, places, events and existence of the person and/or the past life experienced.

 Writers who have traveled time via regression or progression hypnosis often discover a time period, characters and setting detail that either support their current work in progress or inspires them to investigate and create something new.

About our Speaker

Melinda Rucker Haynes, M.Ed., CH, served as a university lecturer and adult education research project director. She jokes she learned to write fiction as a research grant writer who moonlighted as a corporate trainer of fascinating people working at an area in the Nevada desert that didn’t exist. Finally escaping academe, she joined Seattle romance writers in their pursuit of writing awards and readers. Her paranormal and suspense novels have won over twenty awards and more than that number of readers in some universe. Given her singular interests and education research background, Melinda produced STORY COMPASS©, a creative development process and tool, and became a certified hypnotherapist specializing in creative development for writers with her Personal Time Travel© regression hypnosis process.  

After gypsying around the world, living in four foreign countries—most recently Washington D.C. and Tucson—Melinda’s current interests and hobbies include magical thinking, frequent fantasy flying, and chronicling the shocking confessions of a menopausal vampire in Seattle.

For more information, visit www.melindaruckerhaynes.com

Meeting Information

Meeting fee of $30 for SRW members $35 guests and walk-ins includes a single-entree buffet lunch.  Doors open 9:15. Program runs 10am – 2pm.  Please let us know you’re coming by reserving on our payments page or by contacting  reservations@tucsonRWA.org  no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting. Walk-ins accepted on a space available basis only.