October 24: Rod McKenna Johnson on Special Forces (program change)

Due to an emergency, Special Forces will be taking over the Saguaro Romance Writers meeting this Saturday!

In the morning, Rod McKenna Johnson will save the day by talking about what types of men become and survive Special Forces. What sort of outlook and focus will they have? What are the different types of special forces? Every branch of our military, even the Coast Guard, has at least one.

Afternoon talk: Fight Workshop

The first rule is we don’t talk about Fight Workshop…. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)  We will indeed be talking about planning and blocking fight scenes.

  • Bring your fight scenes that need help.
  • Ask about which style of Martial  art or weapon your character should use.
  • Learn why a shoulder shot will irritate anyone who actually knows weapons and anatomy.

October Fundraising Raffle

October is also our big fundraising raffle. Every year, chapter members donate amazing goodies that can be won (potentially) for the price of a one-dollar ticket. In the past we’ve had weekend vacations, alpha-smarts, exquisite jewelry, and many fun baskets.

The raffle is 100% member supported and goes to fund chapter speakers and activities, so if you’ve got something special to donate, bring it along. Contact  waysmeans@tucsonrwa.org with any questions, and bring cash!

Meeting fee of $25 members, $30 guests and walk-ins includes lunch selected from a menu of three items during Saturday morning check-in. SPACE MAY BE LIMITED. Walk-ins are welcome, but whenever possible, please guarantee your spot by reserving on our payments page or by emailing reservations@tucsonRWA.org no later than 8 am Wednesday before the meeting  .

LUNCH ORDERS ARE COLLECTED AT 10am. If you plan to be late, contact reservations@tucsonRWA.org so we will be prepared to order on your behalf.

This event takes place at our regular venue, the Clarion Hotel, 4550 S. Palo Verde Rd., Tucson & will include a chapter business meeting.