February 21, 2015 – Synopsis & Brainstorming with Pam McCutcheon

Synopsis & Brainstorming

Writing the Fiction Synopsis:

Most writers hate writing synopses, and no wonder. After you’ve agonized over several hundred pages to make your prose absolutely perfect, how could you possibly distill that down to a measly ten or twenty pages? Or, worse yet, one or two?  By the time you’ve written the book, everything seems important, and it’s difficult to know what to put in and what to leave out.  To help with that problem, Pam came up with a method that she details in her book, Writing the Fiction Synopsis, A Step by Step Approach. She’ll share her process to help you put together a selling synopsis and write a back cover blurb.

Brainstorming Using the Plotting Board:

One of the problems with brainstorming is that it’s difficult to gather your friends together when you need help. And, when plotting alone, it’s difficult to break out of your conventional mode of thinking to come up with fresh new approaches to plotting and characterization. In this workshop, Pam will build on the structure you learned in the synopsis class to help you brainstorm a new book using a combination of tools such as The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit and the visual plotting board. Whether you brainstorm alone or in a group, these techniques will help you find a way to bust your way out of writer’s block.

Pam McCutcheon

Pam McCutcheon

Pam McCutcheon is the author of romance novels and how-to books writers under her own name, and the Demon Underground YA urban fantasy series under the name Parker Blue. Pam’s latest releases are an updated e-book version of her popular Writing the Fiction Synopsis, as well as e-book versions of her
romance backlist. Parker’s sixth Demon Underground book, Catch Me, is coming out in early 2015 from Bell Bridge Books. Pam/Parker recently quit her day job and is now working full-time as a writer, editor, and speaker. She can be found on the ’net at pammc.com or parkerblue.net.

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