January 24, 2015 – Mastering Deep POV with Christie Craig

Mastering Deep POV

Deep Point of View is accomplished through several techniques:

  • Setting & Description
  • Dialogue
  • Internal thoughts
  • Using Emotional Depth
  • The Character’s Past and the POV Connection

Deep POV is going straight to the heart of your characters.  It’s about readers making a deeper connection to your heroes, heroines, secondary characters, and even your villains.  It’s about readers caring more, feeling as if they know and understand your protagonist inside and out.   Deep POV brings a character to life, and makes them as real to the reader as their family and friends.  Christie Craig teaches you how to put yourself in the character’s skin and then how to pull the reader in there with you.

Christie Craig

Christie_Craig-BioPhotoSouthern as sweet tea, Christie Craig’s used her sassy voice to take romance where no one else has dared to go. Author of twenty-three books, she’s fed her heroes banana and mayonnaise sandwiches, as well as Fancy Feast on white  bread. Her heroines have used tampons, toilet plungers, and ol’ fashioned tongue lashings as weapons. In her books, she’s had talking refrigerators, gassy dogs, and even stashed a dead villain in a porta-potty wearing a hat that says, “Shit Happens and then you die.” Under her pseudonym C.C. Hunter, she’s penned vampires who say ‘ain’t’ and ‘ya’ll’ who could charm the blood right out of you. And that charmed her right up to the New York Times list, too. Not that this southern belle hasn’t paid her dues. Her name is practically synonymous with rejection. On top of those thousands of ‘no-thank you’ letters, she’s been orphaned by editors, wrangled with agents, survived two bankrupt publishers, and even gotten sued by her own home state.

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